Friday, March 29, 2013

Painted Shots and a Scale Shot!

A couple of things in today's update! Jason sent over some new paint schemes for the Titan and Earth Force infantry. Take a look:

I like these alot and I think I'll be painting up some vehicles to match...

We have had alot of emails lately asking about the scale of the Spider Bugs and in relation to our 15mm and our vehicles. So here is a shot from Jason that gives you some good ideas.  Once I have my 15mm Starship Troopers painted up, I'll take some shots...

oh, and here is a shot of the upcoming Burrower worm. There will be some little changes here and there to make it cast easier, but this will be the basic final look...

More updates soon!

1 comment:

  1. Love the worms, I can easily see some Sahadeen riding these like in Dune. How large are they? There should be one coming up from the ground :-).
    Nice new colour schemes as well. The darker look on the Titans really suits them.