Thursday, May 30, 2013

The URSA Battle-Mechs have Arrived!

As many of you know, we acquired the awesome Russian suits from Jason @ Micropanzer this year. Over the last month or so, we have been working with Jason to remold, tweak and come up with some new designs for the models. We have renamed the models URSA Battle-Mechs.

Well, we finally have the first wave ready to go. Jason is working on the other bitz and options, so we should see those soon as well. The first releases are:

URSA Commander

 URSA Rifleman

URSA Assault Team

Compared to our 15mm Titans.

I will do a comparison with the HAMR Suits soon. For other versions coming out soon, we will have the original missile Pods and Tesla cannons. Jason has also designed a sniper arm option that is very cool!

Here is a shot of the original line up. You can see the Missile Pods and Tesla cannons on the ends.

You can see the first wave here:

More coming soon!

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  1. Here is a link to some comparison photos:!2612