Friday, December 6, 2013

Sneak Peek! NEW CATs on the Horizon!

I just got in some pics from Jason of some new CATs that are being made now. These were designed by John Bear Ross and are awesome! First up



The original TomCAT

TomCAT w/ Different Loadout

The original  WildCAT

Upcoming CAT Squad Box

Whew! Jason did and awesome job on the paints and as usual, JBR kicked ass on the designs! The new CATs should be up on the site in about a week!
Scale with a 15mm Figure:
You can the original CATs here:
Stay Tuned!


  1. Those are awesome! You're making it hard to fill out my Xmas list within budget ;-)

  2. I am a proud owner of the original version and it looks dramatically cool (will soon paint and post on No Nerd's Land) but this new ones -especially the riot version- looks DAMN COOL!!