Saturday, May 3, 2014

The World Famous Spring Sale at Rebel Minis!

Oh, yes, WORLD Famous! I said it! It's that time again!

The Spring sale at Rebel Minis! We only have two holiday sales a year, so we make them big! From today till May 11th 2014, all of our products are on sale for 20% off our retail price!

As we learned last year, some things will sell out of stock quickly… so this year, we will be taking orders and making the packs as quickly as possible to keep them in stock during sale. Some items may be back-ordered during the sale, but if you order them during the sale, you will still get the sale price no matter when they ship (which should not be that long of a delay).

Please use Coupon Code: Rebspring14 when checking out!
Check out everything at

 But wait, there's more! Shipping in the US is only $6 USD USD and worldwide is only $12 USD! (OK, this is our everyday shipping, but I still like to remind people.)

So come to the Spring sale, everyone will be there.. in the whole world. Everyone. :)

P.S. Please use Coupon Code: Rebspring14

P.S.S. And that's not all! I am so glad Winter is over, every order gets a free 15mm miniature (of my choice, but hey, it's free!!)!

As Always, Thank You for Your Support!


  1. One of my favourite times of year! :-)

  2. For those of you on the fence about getting into 15mm, this is the time to jump in.