Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post Apocalypse Greens

We have had alot of requests for Post Apoc stuff, so I started thinking about who I would like to sculpt them. I called my old buddy Bobby Jackson (Bobby did the Leonidas and Spartans for us in 28mm) and asked him what he thought about the project. He was up for it and so we started coming up with some ideas.
The first 2 packs we are releasing in this line are the Post Apoc Paramilitary group and the "Gangers". We have not thought of any clever names yet, but we are working on them.
First up is the Paramilitary pack:
This is basically a rag-tag group of Ex-Military trying to survive in the hostile world after the great Apocalypse. 12 in a pack.

Next we have the Gangers pack.
This pack is full of crazies... You got hockey masks, mohawks, bikini briefs.. This spack is a snapsot of some of the gangs harrassing unlucky survivors after the Apocalypse. 21 in a pack.

Both of these packs were done by Bobby and I really like them. Now I know what you are thinking, what  system will I use these in? I am glad you asked. These packs and alot of our horror packs will be perfect for the Two Hour Wargames new post Apocalyptic game After the Horsemen. Here's the cover:

From the creator of All Things Zombie, you know this is going to be awesome! Ed puts out some great stuff and this may top them all!
Ok, that's all the updates I have.. back to the workbench!


  1. Mr. Jackson does beautiful stuff. Those figs look great. The ex-military survivors look like they'll be able to be used elsewhere, too.


  2. Mongo.. Oh, you'll get them... I need the Terrain for some nice sci-action :)