Monday, July 4, 2011

New Mighty Armies Box Set from Highlander Studios!

We are proud to announce another Mighty Armies box set. This one is from Rod over at Highlander studios and it is pretty awesome! The Conquista Dwarves!
The Conquista Dwarves Box Set includes enough miniatures to create the following units:

The Box contains: 1 general stand, 1 Priest stand, 5 warrior stands and 2 Crossbow stands!

Painted by David McBride.

The Conquista Dwarves are a line of 15mm scale minis created by Highlander Studios. You can see more of thier great stuff here at

STATS can be found at

Happy 4th!


  1. I saw the figures while buying a set of SciFi containers and flagged these for later purchase. This makes 4 sets to buy :-(

    I hope one day some sword armed troops (esp double handed great swords) come out to round out the set.

    Any reason a unit of horse was not included?


  2. *groaning laughter* Terrible pun. Awesome miniatures. :D