Friday, July 22, 2011

Pirates of the Black Sea: Sea Witch Master

Well, still sending out orders from the big sale. Thanks to everyone to ordered. I hope to have some more sneak peeks soon but in the meantime, I wanted to show off the new Sea Witch Master for our 15mm Pirates line.

Martin did an awesome job and I hope to have the rest of the figures in the pack done soon. We will be releasing a PBS(Pirates of the Black Sea) Mighty Army and also have single packs and a box set for an upcoming Two Hour Wargame Pirates Game.

And here is a Green shot of the English Pirate Hunters we are doing.

...more pics Coming soon!


  1. Excellent choice to make Pirate Hunters!

    Hope we will see the Mighty Armies Pirate set soon :)

  2. These look really nice, looks like yet another threat to my sci fi collection!

    PS: If you want some painted, don't be strangers ;)