Friday, August 5, 2011

A Lego Pirate Mighty Army

So most of you know that we have a game called Mighty Armies and that we focus on 15mm fantasy armies. You can see more MA stuff at (hint, hint). What you may not know is that my daughter and I collect Legos. We love them and have been doing for a while. I even take Legos in trade for Rebel product(again with the Hint).

Well, I come home this week from the real job and my daughter says she wants to play a game of MA and try her new army. I go upstairs, change and when I come down, this is on the table:

The very first Lego Pirate Mighty Army

The undead are always a good choice!

Dragon rider(monster)

I see my wife is grinning ear to ear, so I tell my daughter that I don't have any army to fight her pirates with.. so she says, "duh Dad! You have to go build one!"

So as of now, I am on a quest to build the first Lego Fright Knights Army. These guys from the the late 1990's

Soon my army shall be complete and I shall rule all of Legoland! MUHAHAHAH! **

**I just hope she has not allied with the dreaded Capt. Sponge of the Isle of Squarepants!

Stay Tuned!


  1. That is so cool. Your daughter, sir, is pure awesome!

  2. Knowing Legos like I do, I must say that's actually a fairly impressive collection of pirate figs. Can't wait for the batrep!