Friday, February 10, 2012

ARRGGGHH! 15mm Pirates Released!

Well, the 15mm Pirates are finally here! We got in the masters from Martin and sent them straight to David to have painted. They are now in stock! Yeah! Here are the current packs available:

Pirate Command w/ Mermaid

Pirate Crew(Melee)

Pirate Cannon Crew

Pirate Hunters

Undead Skeleton Crew w/ Command

Sea Witches

These are all avialable now here:

Waiting on molds, we have Pirates w/rifles, a Female Pirates pack and the Dreaded Wharf Rats!
Dreaded Wharf Rats greens

We also have some more packs planned to make armies for the upcoming Mighty Armies Pirate Book. Stay Tuned!


  1. Lovely! I just made an order. Those wharf rats are fantatstic too, will be getting them next time around.

  2. Very nice! Any plans to sell ships for them to fight from?