Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Mighty Armies Big Battle!

Ok, well it was not a huge battle :). We just ran 2 divisions vs. 2 divisions but with all the talking and eating, it seemed like a big battle!

Lord Robin Hood(ME) an Army of Wild Elves(Jeff) fought on the Plains of Sorrow against the invading hordes of Swamp Dwellers(My Wife) and Undead(Kathy). My Wife and and Her friend Kathy challenged me and Kathy's husband Jeff. Here are some pictures of the game. We were all having so much fun I forgot to take more pictures, but needless to say.. Lord Robin Hood prevailed!

Unfortunately, it was a bitter victory.... for Jeff of the 5 Trees perished at the hands of , ahem, Garry the Geko from Guilder (My wife has a perverse sense of humor.. but name the movie where that country was!)

Here are the pics :)

.... and if you are coming to Origins, come by and say "Howdy!"


  1. Great looking game. Looks like you folks had some fun. I like the terrain too. Ah, Guilder from the Princess Bride!



  2. Looks like a nice game Mike, and in full!

  3. I would be curious to see the army lists, sounds like fun was had by all.