Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mighty Armies: Wild Elf Chariot!

I was surprised this week when I opened an email from David McBride (Splintered Light Minis). David has been painting up some of the Mighty Armies stuff and had just finished the Wild Elves Chariots. Man, these look awesome!

David has based two of these the 50x50mm base. Since we hope to have the packs ready to go soon, I was wondering:

Should I offer these as single Chariots or in packs of two? For MA, it doesn't matter how many models are on the base but it will change the cost of the pack. A pack with 1 set will run $9.95 and 2 will be $16.95...

So, What do you think?


  1. I think the 2 side by side looks better. Not sure pricewise how much it would influence buyers.

    You could always sell them two with two base and leave it up to the purchaser if they want it double or single on a base.

  2. IMO I would prefer 2 for $16.95.

  3. Alright! Thanks for the feedback!