Sunday, June 23, 2013

Workbench Update! Titan APC, Steampunk and ....

Ok, While I have been gone I have been working on some photos and playing around with some of the new stuff that has come in...

The Titan APC is in and sent off to Jason for painting. Here it is live and unpainted.

The base APC gets you the Hull, 2 treads, 2 Skirts, 2 weapons systems and the RUMV frame. All for $11.95. We will also have the 3 APC platoon pack for $29.95. I have sent out the invoices for everyone that advanced ordered these, so Sharon will start shipping them this week!
Here are some shots with the Dozer blade add-on. I expect that mold to be done next week.

For all you Steampunk Fans, here is a look part of our NEMO pack that is coming out in August. You have a scientist, an infantryman and a Shock troop. We will also have these guys in our Mighty Armies line up :)

Oh, and this thing just appeared on my workbench... Weird.

More updates soon!


  1. Can we have a whole squad of the divers? Or, maybe even more modern day looking ones? XCOM: Terror of the deep!!

  2. How very odd to have such a strange item just suddenly appear on your work bench. I shall dispatch a UNIT to secure the item.

  3. Can't wait to see more for the Steampunk range.

  4. Is the unknown object bigger on the inside?



  5. Nice. The level of detail on the steampunks, is fantastic.